What is Mina (MINA)?

Mina Protocol is a minimal “succinct blockchain” built in an attempt to reduce computational requirements necessary to run dApps. Described as the world’s lightest blockchain, the Mina Protocol is designed to remain constant despite growth in usage, it also remains balanced in terms of security and decentralization. 

SImiliar to Bitcoin's objective , Mina aims to achieve a distributed payment system. The protocol enables users to natively verify the platform right from the genesis block. The Mina network has a size of only 22 KB, compared to Bitcoin’s 300 GB blockchain. This is achieved by incrememntally computing zk-SNARKS that concentrate only on the last few blocks, meaning that the entire block's transaction history needn't be checked allowing for greater efficiency.

MINA is the native currency on the Mina Protocol which functions as a utility token and medium of exchange.


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