An EOS wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with the currencies blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.  Within your EOS wallet is your EOS address, when you place your order we request you to fill this into the order form, please ensure this is accurate as EOS once sent cannot be reversed. If you have issues finding your EOS address, please contact us at or through our live chat.


EOS  Wallet


As EOS has recently moved away from it’s testnet environment (where it used the Ethereum blockchain) and to it’s permanent mainnet infrastructure, there are not currently many simple wallets supporting EOS. 


Right now users have two main options, hold EOS on an exchange wallet such as Binance or else download a desktop wallet. The desktop wallet we currently recommend is the eos-voter by greymass wallet. Please see the link below to download this wallet.


As EOS continues to develop so too will the infrastructure supporting it, this will mean more user friendly wallets are developed for users. We will update here when such suitable wallets become available.


If you need support setting up your greymass wallet, please reach out to


Memo ID

If you are using an online exchange to hold your EOS, you may need to include a Memo ID. A Memo ID identifies the transaction and the user who holds a stellar account on the exchange. If you are sending to an exchange you may need to provide both the EOS address and the EOS Memo ID. 



Although we recommend these wallets, we are not responsible for any issues or problems regarding that specific wallet. Bitcove is not a wallet provider! You can not store coins on our website. If you do have any issues regarding the wallet itself, we advise you to contact their customer support! 

The wallets we recommend can change due to the fact that all these technologies are in constant development.