Customers can make payment to Bitcove via SEPA bank  transfer. SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area, it is the fastest payment mechanism between banks in the European Union and Ireland and it is free to use. We currently accept SEPA payments from all Irish banks.


If you create a standard online bank transfer to our Bank Account, it will be sent as a SEPA transfer. If you choose Urgent or Priority, it will instead be sent as a SWIFT (slower and more expensive). Please do not use this as we currently do not accept SWIFT payments.


If you do not have online banking, then you may still be able to make payment. Most Irish banks now have in-branch kiosks which support SEPA payments. Through the kiosk you can send payment from your account to ours, you may need to bring your debit card to do this.

Please note if you instruct the teller to send the transfer, they will send as SWIFT and not SEPA, please instruct them you wish to send as SEPA, they should then guide you to the kiosk’s in branch and assist you here. Some branches may not yet have the kiosks so please confirm with your local branch before going to make the payment.

Lock In Policy

Once we receive payment, we will send out your cryptocurrency of choice at the current market rate. If you would like to lock-in the rate when you make your purchase, then please send us an e-mail at with a screenshot of the payment being debited from your account. Please do this before you mark payment complete. Once this is done we will reserve the coins at the price when you marked payment complete and not at the time when payment reaches our account.

If you would like more information about our Client “Lock-In” Policy please e-mail